At each guild meeting we present a Block of the Month (BOM). For each BOM block you turn in at the next guild meeting, you are entered into the BOM raffle. The winner of the BOM raffle gets to take home all the BOM blocks submitted that month.

February 2024

Block of the Month: Frisky February

January 2024

Block of the Month: Square in a square in a square

December 2023

Block of the Month: Christmas Gift

Christmas Mystery Part 3

November 2023

Block of the Month: Courthouse Steps in any combo of red, black, and white.

Christmas Mystery Part 2

Elizabeth Luebberke is collecting Quilts of Valor for veterans at Evergreen Court. Click here to read the QOV rules and guidelines.

October 2023

Block of the Month: Grandma’s Kitchen Challenge

Christmas Mystery Part 1

September 2023

Block of the month: Half a Modern in pastels (purples, pinks, lavenders, greens, etc.)

June 2023

Block of the Month: Grand Old Flag

April 2023

Block of the Month

Other Blocks

March 2023

May 2020 Block of the Month

May 2020 SARA Challenge

This month’s SARA challenge is a hanging kitchen towel. Some ideas:

2019-2020 SARA Challenges

You have all year to make SARA challenge items. Previous SARA challenges for this year:

  • April 2020: Microwave bowl holder
  • March 2020: Mug rug
  • February 2020: Scissors holder
  • December 2019: Yo-yo tree pin
  • November 2019: Mason jar pin cushion
  • October 2019: Sewing needle book